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Dear Fellow Tufts Baseball Alum,


With every year that passes, we gain more appreciation for how privileged we were to have worn the Tufts Baseball uniform.  Those years were about playing competitive baseball at a high level, but they were also about going to battle with great teammates and doing so the right way, with full effort and complete integrity.  The friendships developed and the lessons learned during those years remain with us today.


The Tufts Baseball program continues to perform at a high level, both in terms of wins and losses, and in terms of graduating great young men of whom we can be proud.  In recent years, the demands of competing at a high level have increased.  Recruiting has become more competitive, increasing travel requirements.  Similarly, the costs of equipment and field maintenance, and the importance of retaining great assistant coaches, have increased. 


The Diamond Club is our opportunity to allow the coaches and players to spend less time fundraising and more time focusing on winning, and doing so the right way.


Membership in the Diamond Club is available to any alum of the Tufts Baseball program, whether you played 1 game or 100. To become a member, we ask that you contrinute $500 annually to the program.


Fellow alum, this is a great opportunity to create something special and give back to the program and its current and future players. We appreciate your considering this request.

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