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Is my donation tax deductible?


Yes, but the total amount depends on whether or not you play golf.  If you play in the golf tournament, you will receive a tax receipt for the total amount of your donation minus $150 (normal cost of the golf tournament).  If you do not play in the golf tournament, you will receive a tax receipt for the total $500+ that you donate.



1) Donor plays in golf tournament, gives $500:

$350 tax receipt is given ($500 - $150). 


2) Donor does not play in golf tournament, gives $500:

$500 tax receipt is given. 


Note, an accountant and an attorney gave us this guidance, but we recommend that you check with your own accountant or tax advisor if you have questions.

Is this a one-time capital campaign?


No, our expectation is that the Diamond Club will exist indefinitely, and members will be asked to re-join annually.  As outlined in the letter, the costs of remaining competitive continue to increase.  The money will provide an annual base of funding to support the team’s normal operations, including the spring trip, recruiting, equipment, assistant coaches’ salaries, field maintenance and general upgrades, etc. 

Can I provide feedback on how I think the Diamond Club can provide more value to me as a member?


Yes!  Send feedback to Brian Symmons ( or Jon Mugar (




If I can’t afford to join the Diamond Club, does that mean I can’t contribute to the program?


We recognize that not everyone will be in a position to join the Diamond Club, and for those individuals, the normal annual fundraising letter, usually sent by Coach Casey during the summer, will still provide an opportunity to contribute to the program.  Out of courtesy, those who join the Diamond Club will not receive that summer fundraising letter.


Besides golf, what extra benefit am I getting for being a Diamond Club member above and beyond what I normally get for donating to Tufts Baseball?


The two main additional benefits are:

  • High quality apparel with Diamond Club logo
  • Recognition in the team’s yearbook, at the golf tournament, and on the alumni website


If you have feedback about other ways in which the Diamond Club can provide value or incentives for becoming a member, please don’t hesitate to email Brian or Jon at the addresses listed above with your ideas.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Diamond Club

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